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Get Your Homes Ready for Ramadan

The blessed month of Ramadan is approaching. It is a glorious occasion when family and friends come together to celebrate and pray. Ramadan is also a time for giving and introspection. To welcome the holy month, make your homes reflect and embody the spirit of Ramadan.

Here are some tips on how to get your Dubai home ready for the month-long period of Ramadan.

De-clutter and do general house cleaning.

Clean and organize your space to welcome wellness and health. A pleasing household also creates a comfortable place for the family to gather and observe Ramadan.

general house cleaning

Plan ahead your Iftar and Suhoor menu

To avoid the headache of thinking what to cook for the next meals. Prepare a healthy menu which all family members can enjoy.

iftar and suhoor menu

Enhance your dining tables with decorative pieces

To make every Iftar with your family and loved ones more meaningful. Adding hilal or crescent moon accessory to complete the tablescape.

enhance dining tables

Adorn your majilis with some touch of traditional style.

Gold Arabian lanterns would illuminate your homes with the light of happiness and offers a very Ramadan atmosphere.

majilis traditional style

Jazz up your homes with fresh flowers.

There’s nothing like the power of flowers to uplift one’s mood and brighten any space. Fresh flowers from Ramadan Collection indeed sparks joy and bring a positive vibe.

ramadan fresh flowers

How helpful are these tips?

Fill your homes with gratitude and love and radiates the true meaning of Ramadan.

Visit our Ramadan flowers collection and happy holidays!