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Useful tips on flower

Useful Tips On Flower Arranging For Beginners

Are you the type of person who has fondness towards fresh flowers? You get all hyped when you receive a bouquet of your favorite blooms? Do you feel just like heaven when you’re around with flowers in general? Sounds like you are a true-blue flower lover.

It is true that having fresh flowers around affect your mood in such a tremendous positive way. We all know how flowers can bring joy and put smiles on our faces instantly.

When you are a flower enthusiast, you are in love with flowers that you tend to create something out of your hand-picked flowers from your own garden or from a nearby flower shop. A flower lover is most likely to enjoy creating a flower arrangement even by herself/himself.

If you are beginning to do some flower arranging on your own, you may have some questions that need to be addressed. We know you’re not as skilled as the talented florists in town, but you have the heart to make it.

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Flower arranging is an activity or craft of making decorative displays with cut flowers. It is also a form of conveying or expressing your emotions through floral arrangement. It has been practiced since the early times to add more style and decorations in their lives. Even in modern days, flower arranging is widely popular in weddings, religious festivities, funerals, even as simple as home adornments and in any occasion, there is.

Nowadays, more people are inclined into flowers so are their interests in flower arranging. Honestly speaking, though you have the big love for flowers, not everyone has the skill to do something extraordinary especially if you are just a beginner.

Probably you now have a couple of questions you are seeking for answer about flower arranging.

We know you’re excited in jumping into doing the work, but you need to know
and learn the basics before getting started


Know the purpose of your flower arrangement, where it will be placed and for what reason. In that way, it’s easy for you to create the style and design you want. Say for example, you would like to use it as a simple adornment for your living room just to add a touch to the space or a dining centerpiece for your intimate house party.

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Prepare your tools and things to be used. Once you picked the perfect flowers, gather the needed tools such as clippers, garden shears or scissors, floral tape/wire, vase or vessel.

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  1. Choose the right flowers. Start by having a main color theme to know the rest of the flower colors to go and complement with.
  2. Get the right vase. Selecting the suitable vase is just as important as choosing the right flowers.3. Decide on the desired style and shape.
  3. Always trim the stems at an angle preferably a 45-degree to allow stems to absorb more water. In that way, there’s a bigger chance flowers will last longer.
  4. Begin with greenery or foliage. Make sure no leaves will fall below the waterline to prevent early decomposition.
  5. Add starting with the focal flowers – bigger blooms to smaller ones.
  6. Fill your vase with water and place the flower food according to the packaging instruction.
  7. Note to change the water every three days to maintain the best look of your flowers.

We are excited to see you make a wonderful creation.

Do you find the above tips helpful? Are you interested in learning more about flowers? We’re here ready to help!

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