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Joy Beyond Flowers

Darcey Flowers – Joy Beyond Flowers

Being in the flower industry for many years, our founder has seen kindness blooming across the UAE with the messages of love, hope, and joy that have been sent through flower deliveries throughout the years. There is a quintessential impact on the beauty of giving or receiving flowers, the profound and sincere thought that goes behind spreading deep and meaningful connections with one another with flowers is a core value and promise we at Darcey Flowers wholeheartedly believe.


There is something so captivating when a flower is in full bloom, thriving with life, enchanting the beholder, evoking happiness and sparking joy. Being aware that they are meant to wilt away in time is a significance to life that flowers will come to bring beauty and goodness to the world but dwindle with time, nevertheless having a lasting impact that goes beyond the flowers themselves.

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Diving a little deep into the magical power of flowers, studies have shown that simply being around them can lift one’s spirits, increase happy emotions, improve social behavior, and encourage feelings of life satisfaction.

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The team at Darcey Flowers has found work immensely fulfilling by being able to spread happiness in the form of floristry within the past 5 years, it has inspired us in finding contentment within ourselves and the work we do. With the belief and promise of Joy being our purpose, the mindset comes from each of us. To cultivate a positive mindset, each member starts the day by sharing an optimistic experience from the previous day with the rest of the team, which has resulted in a bright and more cheerful environment.

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This kind of joy is undeniably infectious and is evident when positive energy is put into any kind of work and passed on, the outcome is invariable something extremely great. Beginning with our suppliers to the team receiving the flowers, the cheerful energy you experience from customer service to the love and passion our florists put into the design, right up until our delivery team hands our arrangements to our customer is a step-by-step process of intentionally and thoughtful understanding that we all have the power to spread joy.