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birthday flowers for your wife

Best Birthday Flowers for Your Wife

Birthdays give you a unique opportunity to show your wife how much you love her on her special day. Different birthday flowers have different meanings, and their symbolism can take your gift to the next level for a special occasion. A beautiful bouquet is a thoughtful and personal gesture to convey your appreciation through the type of blossoms you include in your arrangement. Today we will look at the best flowers to send your wife or girlfriend on their birthday.


sunflowers for your wife's birthday

Brighten her day with a vibrant arrangement of sunflowers. Brimming with positivity, sunflowers spread joy and cheer with their brightly colored blooms. A lovely display of sunflowers is guaranteed to bring a smile to your wife’s face on her birthday. With golden petals that mimic the sun, sunflowers look fantastic, and their hardy nature symbolizes messages of longevity and loyalty. The Hello Sunflower or Rising Sunflower arrangements encapsulate these hopeful and optimistic feelings for your better half on her special day.


Birthday Flowers for Your Wife list

While roses are commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of varieties you can use to convey a specific message of love for your wife on her birthday. For example, white roses signify the purity of intention, love, and eternity. Yellow roses signify zest and positivity. Pink roses denote admiration and appreciation, and red roses represent passion and love. 

The best part about roses is their ability to work well with other rose colors and in mixed arrangements. Consider a gorgeous bouquet of Lovely Julieta Roses in salmon pink to make sure to bring a smile to her face, or a traditional bouquet of red roses, like the Roses For You arrangement, to convey your feelings of love and appreciation. 


peonies for your wife's birthday

Symbolizing love, honor, happiness, romance, and beauty, the peony is traditionally given as an expression of joy and best wishes. Whether your wife would prefer the Sweet Perfection arrangement of lush pink peonies, hydrangeas, and astibles or the simple yet refined This Is Love bouquet of Sarah Bernhardt peonies, your birthday sentiments of love and adoration are sure to come through.


Top Birthday Flowers for Your Wife

Exotic and elegant, orchids are an excellent way to pay tribute to your wife’s strength and refined beauty. Despite their delicate look, orchids are relatively low maintenance and will not burden your wife with constant upkeep. The Vanda Special provides a large arrangement of pink and mahogany orchids that compliment your wife’s femininity and lend a touch of sophistication to your home decor.

Mixed arrangements

Top Birthday Bouquets for Your Wife

Mixed arrangements are the perfect option for individuals who want to convey multiple feelings of love and gratitude and those who love various blooms in their bouquets. Ideal for pastel lovers, the My Love for Pastel combines a gorgeous and robust arrangement of peonies and roses in a soft array of pastel colors. Similarly, the Crush On You arrangement combines a unique collection of pink astilbe, rose spray special Julietta salmon, rose special caffe latte, rose spray special bombastic, and eucalyptus cineria. Mixed arrangements are a lovely way to show your wife you care.

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