Ten Lovely Bouquets We Love Right Now

We are presently living in an unprecedented time where the world is struggling with a pandemic, full of change and turmoil, chaos here and there and sometimes you can’t help but feel it’s like a mess.

Working with flowers has led me to see the world in a brand-new light. Flowers somehow has greatly influenced my life into a more meaningful and positive one at that. We all know flowers aid well in improving our mental health and well-being. Not only that, having flowers around can make you more productive and encourages creativity. And of course, no doubt it can make you happier!

Month Special

Finest seasonal fresh blooms beautifully wrapped to perfection. We take pride in
creating special and distinctive bouquets designed to express yourself perfectly.

Do you need an instant mood lifter? Something that can make you smile in a snap and take all your worries away? You’ve come to the perfect place!

At Darcey Flowers, we love creating flower bouquets that can bring positive energy, give delight and provides blissful memories. We’ve came up with our list of 10 gorgeous bouquets we currently love and might give some inspiration to your day.

1. Loveliness
2. My Fave Hues
3. Hydrangea Duo
4. Pastel Magic
blushing pink sarahblushing pink sarah
5. Blushing Pink Sarah
6. Alexander’s Sweetheart
lady holding a bouquet of peonies and rose garden o'haraslady holding a bouquet of peonies and rose garden o'haras
7. Pink Tint
A photo of female holding a yellow sunflower.A photo of female holding a yellow sunflower.
8. Hello Sunflower
A photo of female holding a bouquet of Rose Spray Light Pink and Eucalyptus Cinerea.A photo of female holding a bouquet of Rose Spray Light Pink and Eucalyptus Cinerea.
9. Odilla
A photo of female holding a grand bouquet of Rose Spray Special Bombastic.A photo of female holding a grand bouquet of Rose Spray Special Bombastic.
10. Madame Bombastic
This lovely flower bouquet is a combination of Rose Lullaby, Rose Special Cafe Latte, and Eucalyptus Cinerea perfectly wrapped and hand-tied by our florist. Do you find it gorgeous? Let us know!
A delightful hand-tied flower arrangement with combination of rose special cappuccino, rose spray special cafe latte, rose spray special bombastic, red skimmia and some eucalyptus. You will love the beige and nudes color which gives a subtle feel. This could be your next favorite bouquet!
A charming bouquet of stunning hydrangeas made to inspire and color your day. This is perfect to give smiles and happiness to one’s day.
Something delicate yet beautiful composition of your favorite pastel flowers. This will make a lovely surprise to your love. Send it to your sweetheart for that unforgettable moment.
A grand bouquet of Sarah Barnhardt peonies. We are savoring the limited time of this charming peonies. We can’t help but fall in love all over again and we think you will too!
This pretty bouquet of peonies, rose special darcey, rose spray special super bubbles and touch of eucalyptus is just exquisitely stunning.
Your favorite peonies and rose garden o’haras will get your attention. A dainty and sophisticated bouquet to make someone’s heart leap for joy.
This bright and cheery inspired bouquet is sure to make someone’s day. Sunflower bouquet will take all your stress away.
A bouquet of Rose Spray Light Pink and Eucalyptus Cinerea hand-tied by our highly skilled florist for the ultimate WOW effect. You will love it as much as we do!
A gigantic bunch of Rose Spray Special Bombastic carefully hand-tied to perfection. Nothing beats a massive surprise of pretty flowers on your doorsteps.
What’s your top choice bouquet from the above list? Did it make you smile just by looking at them? Why not pick the bouquet up yourself? How about placing the order online today? Make someone’s day by sending the best bouquets in Dubai and in the UAE.

Why Customers Love Darcey Flowers?

There are hundreds of flower shops and boutiques operating in Dubai and across all parts of United Arab Emirates. We are in the industry where rivalry among other flower online delivery shops is very competitive. You can find a flower shop in most popular shopping malls, financial districts and residential communities here in the UAE. To be able to thrive and stood
out among others is already a feat.

Month Special

The beauty of Roses symbolize love and romance.
Explore different varieties and colors incorporated in our collections.

With more than 3 years in the industry, we might be considered still as a young emerging flower boutique in the Emirates but suffice to say, already making a name in every local households. Client satisfaction is very important for us at Darcey Flowers. We aim to deliver quality products and a world class customer service to give every customer a memorable and exceptional experience. Here at Darcey, going an extra mile to make our clients happy is instilled in our minds and hearts.

We always make sure that customer’s happiness and satisfaction is the number one priority. Our customer service team always go above and beyond the call of duty to fulfill client’s wishes, offer choices and provide solutions effectively. Our dedicated customer service team is always quick and dependable.

Our florists are skilled and competent with over 20 years in the field of floristry. They are well-trained to handle every client in a friendly and welcoming manner.

Darcey Flowers takes pride in providing customers all the finest and premium flowers. Our flowers are directly imported from the largest farms abroad such as The Netherlands, South America, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Taiwan. Our flower display is teeming with options of flower variety which you can’t find elsewhere.


• Innovative Flower Designs and Compositions

Our designs speak of luxury and elegance. We love creating flower arrangements that are flourishing and striking. Our team constantly innovates and showcases new products to give our audience more options.

• Reliable Flower Delivery Service

Darcey Flowers is acclaimed in providing the best flower delivery, always
prompt and professional. A reliable and trusted team when it comes to sameday flower delivery. Our logistics team are well-equipped and trained to ensure the smoothness of each delivery.

• User Friendly Website

The website is easy to navigate, fast and offers secured payment methods.

• Providing Value to Customers

Our loyalty program through rewards and point system is a testament of how
we appreciate and value our customers. Additionally, we love to hear from
our customers hence asking for their feedback and reviews are important to

Darcey Flowers is committed to deliver an elevating customer experience ensuring excellence and consistency. Our team feel proud of embracing the company’s core values; family oriented, integrity, growth, passion, innovation and excellence and inculcating in every aspect in the organization.

How we treat and care for our customers are significant reasons why they keep coming back.

Have you placed an order with Darcey Flowers? How’s your recent experience?

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Month’s Special: Your All-Time Favorite Roses

Are roses your favorite flower? If it’s a yes, then this article will interest you. Roses are one of the most versatile blooms in this planet. Name every color and you can find it in a rose. Due to its exquisiteness, rose has received a good reputation which makes it a top choice when one would need flowers in any special occasion and events in their lives.

Roses are commonly connected with love, romance and passion but can also extend
way beyond those mentioned. You might also associate rose with platonic love or friendship or can symbolize purity, gratitude and admiration. Most of you might already aware of each color of rose has different significance and meanings. One thing is certain, you’ll never go wrong selecting rose to convey your deepest feelings and emotions to someone dear whether it’s for something special or even just on a regular day.

Month Special

The beauty of Roses symbolize love and romance.
Explore different varieties and colors incorporated in our collections.

You will get amazed with the stunning collection of roses, from standard bouquet of roses to the gigantic bunch you will ever need in all the lovely colors too. We got it all for you. We bring the best and the most premium roses straight from the largest farms abroad.

At Darcey Flowers, we don’t just simply create, our rose bouquets are made with
much dedication and love.

We rounded up the finest and the most well-loved bouquet of roses to give you an ultimate guide when you need to impress someone:

A mega bouquet of subtle pink blooms of rose spray special porcelain lace will make your day lovelier!
Bombastic fever it is! Another grand bouquet of rose spray special bombastic that will always be a favorite. Agree?

You will fall in love instantly with the gorgeous appeal of Rose Spray Special Lavender Lace.

A stunning bouquet of lullaby roses perfect for your purple lover friend.

Your favorite super bubbles spray roses arranged in a striking way sure to delight someone.

Make hearts soar with this arrangement of Rose Special misty bubble. Perfect for when you really want to make a lasting impression.

For the sweetest person you know, this bouquet of Rose American Esperance boasts sugar-coated blooms of Esperance roses to capture their playful personality.
One of the most loved roses of all time, this memory lane rose bouquet is timeless and beautiful.
A charming and subtle combination of Rose Spray Sweet Sarah and Eucalyptus Cinerea. A beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one.
This lovely flower bouquet is a combination of Rose Lullaby, Rose Latte, and Eucalyptus Cinerea perfectly wrapped and hand-tied by our florist.
This stunning flower bouquet is a combination of Rose Spray Special Cerise and Eucalyptus Painted Champagne

12. Odilla

Your ultimate favorite Odilla Spray Roses. An irresistible bunch one can say no to.

A massive bunch of 300 long stem red roses. Why not send your love in the grandest way?

The relaxing serenity of pure white Rose Garden O’hara creates a glorious sense of peace.
Daintily styled flower bouquet of Rose Spray Special Julieta and that will make you feel loved.
Explore different rose varieties and impressive colors incorporated in our collection.

The Meaning Behind the Number of Roses in a Bouquet

The act of giving flowers has been recognized for many years and a customary in almost all parts of the globe practiced from generations to generations. There is a certain language spoken when gifting someone with fresh flowers. Most people believe that flowers convey the deepest feelings and emotions one would want to express. Trust you’ll never go wrong when sending flowers as a gift in almost any special occasions and events.

Month special

The beauty of Roses symbolize love and romance.
Explore different varieties and colors incorporated in our collections.

One of the most well-known and best flowers to show your undying love for someone are the roses. When one needs to communicate what’s in their deepest hearts, roses are the go-to flower bouquet to send as a surprise or an unexpected flower delivery to your love. The classic beauty of rose never fails to amaze and gives a good impression to the one receiving it.

Cliché as it may sound, action speaks louder than words. The great way to tell someone that you love them is by showing them. Nothing says “I love you” better than a bouquet of fresh roses. Why? Simply because roses are known to symbolize love and romance. Popularly each color of rose denotes certain meanings but did you know there’s particular connotations tied to each number of roses in a bouquet?

We’ll help you figure out and decode the meaning behind every number of roses the next time you want to gift someone.

Single Rose

This is the simplest way to let someone know you love them. It means “Love at first sight.” Have you ever felt it the first time you laid eyes to someone you just met?

Three Roses

Probably the most popular number when sending roses. Giving three stems of roses is classic way to say “I love you”.

Six Roses

This number is mostly given if you are on the stage of dating and planning to take it to the next level and capturing her heart.

Nine Roses

If you want to spend a lifetime or forever to your romantic partner, then grab this bunch and express your eternal love.

12 Roses

Sending a dozen of roses is perfect when you want to ask to be yours or an ideal way to say: Please be mine.

24 Roses

Giving two dozen of roses can give a hint that you want to let them know: I’m yours and you’re always on my mind.”

For My Love

36 Roses

Send this number to show you don’t have any doubts of your feelings. Another way of saying: You are min and I am yours.

50 Roses

A mega bouquet of 50 roses can symbolize extra special such as an unconditional love. This number connotes how serious your intentions are to someone.

Forever Romance

100 Roses

A grand bouquet of 100 roses symbolizes devotion and spiritual connection. What a lovely surprise to receive this mega bunch!

101 Roses

This number means the kind of love that doesn’t wear off nor fades.

Montecarlo Red 101

300 Roses

This gigantic bouquet of roses depicts an unlimited and greatest love. Let someone feel the love with this extra enormous bouquet.

300 Red

Whether you are thinking to get a dozen of roses at your favorite flower shop or you might want to skip the hassle and order a flower bouquet delivery online, remember to know first the meaning before you get it delivered.

Need a rose bouquet delivery? We got you covered! Explore our rose flower collection and show your love to someone!

The Popular Phalaenopsis Orchid and Easy Care Tips

Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the most well-loved orchid plants in the planet. There are couple of things why they are big and popular for many. One of the many reasons includes how the exquisitely shaped blooms they produce capture your hearts instantly and not to mention they are also easy to tend and look after to.

Due to its easy going characteristic, phalaenopsis orchid plant is also known as the beginner orchid. Others would distinguish it as the moth orchid because of the shape of it blooms.

Many of us have an immense love for orchids, phalaenopsis orchid in particular. Bet just everyone else, we found ourselves smiling whenever we see a blooming phalaenopsis plant. There’s a spark of joy to see the lovely blooms and stunning colors of the phalaenopsis orchid. You will be amazed of the wide options of phalaenopsis varieties around the world. It is very interesting to know all the types and varieties especially if you love to have them around from taking care until seeing their blooming stage.


A selection of elegant orchid plants and exquisite succulents
styled on our stunning vases and planters.

Here’s a quick list why Phalaenopsis orchid is very popular:

• Easy to grow as an indoor/house plant
• Almost available all year round
• Long lasting characteristic
• Wide varieties to choose from
• Available in almost every color
• Beautiful shape of blooms in different sizes

There’s no doubt these elegant orchids are lovely adornments to any space such as in your home living rooms or offices. They are perfect gifts to send to your dear ones on their birthdays or anyone celebrating some milestones in their lives like anniversary, promotions or you just want to send your sincerest thank you to someone. Yes! You will definitely agree that phalaenopsis orchid plant is a lovely present anyone would surely appreciate.

Don’t worry because we hear you! Darcey Flowers will make things easier for you. We gathered some of the best Phalaenopsis orchid variety to delight you and your love ones.

gold royalegold royale
1. Gold Royale
photo of two orange phalaenopsis on potphoto of two orange phalaenopsis on pot
2. Twilight
photo of yellow phalaenopsis on potphoto of yellow phalaenopsis on pot
3. Big Yellow
photo of white phalaenopsis on potphoto of white phalaenopsis on pot
4. Alluring White Phalaenopsis
magical minimagical mini
5. Magical Mini
photo of white mini phalaenopsis on vasephoto of white mini phalaenopsis on vase
6. White Butterfly
detailed photo of two phalaenopsis on vasedetailed photo of two phalaenopsis on vase
7. Twinning Violet
photo of purple mini phalaenopsis on gold vasephoto of purple mini phalaenopsis on gold vase
8. Mini Cinque Purple
magical purplemagical purple
9. Midnight Purple
photo of two white phalaenopsis on potphoto of two white phalaenopsis on pot
10. White Ripples

The regal beauty of fuchsia purple phalaenopsis on our grand gold pot will sure give a touch to any space.

Soft and glowing orange color of phalaenopsis so beautiful to look at.

Pick me up orchid arrangement. Stunning yellow phalaenopsis on a rustic pot

A classic white phalaenopsis orchid on a regal looking pot. Surely will look perfect
on your coffee tables.

Pretty mini phalaenopsis will make your day.

A pair of delightful white mini phalaenopsis that would jazz up a window sill at home.

The bold and vivid color of this phalaenopsis will sure captivate your hearts.

Enjoy the vivid beauty of purple mini phalaenopsis arranged on a grand gold vase.

The stunning and vivid color of this phalaenopsis will sure catch your eye

You can never go wrong with white phalaenopsis. Fall in love with this mini phalaenopsis, simple and classy.

How to Care for Phalaenopsis Orchids

• Place your orchid plant in a bright area but away from direct sunlight.
• Refrain from watering the plant frequently. Don’t over water. It is advised to water the plant at least once a week or when it almost dry out.
• Place in a more humid location.
• Make sure not to water the flowers and keep the leaves dry.
• Put fertilizer as per the given instruction.
• Trim the roots carefully if it starts to dry.
• Re-pot orchid every one year or if the roots start to outgrow the pot or some
parts starts to decompose.

Love what you just read? Let us know to create more exciting flower related topics suitable for you interests and inclinations.

Best Choice Flowers for a Virgo in your Life

Most of you are probably aware that Virgo season commences this week, August 22 and lasts until September 22. If you happen to know a Virgo celebrating his or her birthday any time soon, this is a perfect chance to know the best choice flowers to give as a birthday gift.

What you should know about Virgos to understand the best flower gifts to send? Virgos are commonly logical, practical, hardworking and they have a sense of systematic approach towards life. Don’t forget that Virgos are mostly perfectionist at heart and always strive for consistency in anything they do. Virgos have strong personalities who aim big and continuously reach them. However meticulous they may be, virgos tend to be kind, thoughtful and appreciative around their friends and family too.

Best Sellers

All the best flowers you’ll ever find artfully designed by
our creative team of florists using wide floral varieties.

What are the possible flowers that Virgo may like or prefer? Getting the perfect flower gift to celebrate a Virgo in your life seems not a very easy task to do. You need to get very attentive and detailed as you are especially selecting it for a Virgo. But rest assured whatever it is, their natural kind hearts will surely adore and appreciate.

There are too many lovely fresh flowers to gift a Virgo on their special day. The popular ones are poppies, chrysanthemum, asters and orchids. But it could get more special than those mentioned.

We have come up with our favorite best seller and special arrangements that would suit best for a Virgo.

A stunning antique variety of hydrangea in a very intriguing color of blue-purple on a large tinted glass vase.

A grand arrangement of Rose Spray Special Julieta Raspberry is created to make a statement.

A premium arrangement of Vanda orchids that could be a gorgeous choice for a Virgo birthday celebrant. This arrangement speaks of luxury and

Something majestic for a Virgo in your life. Grandiose blooms carefully chosen to give a majestic feel.

Incorporated a splash of lively colors to bring out a Virgo’s kind, helpful and cheery side.

A grand creation perfect to win someone’s a heart, that includes a Virgo, just maybe?

Perfect for a Virgo who has the love or interest for Vanda orchids. How charming!

Make hearts soar with this grand bouquet of Misty Bubbles Spray Roses. This is a perfect gift when you really want to make a lasting impression.

A lovely bouquet made to inspire your hearts.

This mega bouquet truly brings a special gift to your love. Don’t miss the chance to show how valued they are in your life.

Don’t miss the chance to celebrate a Virgo with some stunning and vibrant flowers. Whether you are looking for something a little extra for your special someone or a dear friend, Darcey Flowers have something for you from pretty bouquets, mega arrangements and something in between.

Check out our flower collection to find the best flowers arrangements for someone celebrating this month or the month to come.

Useful Tips on Flower Arranging for Beginners

Are you the type of person who has fondness towards fresh flowers? You get all hyped when you receive a bouquet of your favorite blooms? Do you feel just like heaven when you’re around with flowers in general? Sounds like you are a true-blue flower lover.

It is true that having fresh flowers around affect your mood in such a tremendous positive way. We all know how flowers can bring joy and put smiles on our faces instantly.

When you are a flower enthusiast, you are in love with flowers that you tend to create something out of your hand-picked flowers from your own garden or from a nearby flower shop. A flower lover is most likely to enjoy creating a flower arrangement even by herself/himself.

If you are beginning to do some flower arranging on your own, you may have some questions that need to be addressed. We know you’re not as skilled as the talented florists in town, but you have the heart to make it.

What is Flower Arranging?

Flower arranging is an activity or craft of making decorative displays with cut flowers. It is also a form of conveying or expressing your emotions through floral arrangement. It has been practiced since the early times to add more style and decorations in their lives. Even in modern days, flower arranging is widely popular in weddings, religious festivities, funerals, even as simple as home adornments and in any occasion, there is.

Nowadays, more people are inclined into flowers so are their interests in flower arranging. Honestly speaking, though you have the big love for flowers, not everyone has the skill to do something extraordinary especially if you are just a beginner.

Probably you now have a couple of questions you are seeking for answer about flower arranging.

We know you’re excited in jumping into doing the work, but you need to know
and learn the basics before getting started

What are the Things to Consider

Know the purpose of your flower arrangement, where it will be placed and for what reason. In that way, it’s easy for you to create the style and design you want. Say for example, you would like to use it as a simple adornment for your living room just to add a touch to the space or a dining centerpiece for your intimate house party.

What Tools Do Yo Require?

Prepare your tools and things to be used. Once you picked the perfect flowers, gather the needed tools such as clippers, garden shears or scissors, floral tape/wire,
vase or vessel.

Helpful Tips for Beginners

1. Choose the right flowers. Start by having a main color theme to know the rest of the flower colors to go and complement with.

2. Get the right vase. Selecting the suitable vase is just as important as choosing the right flowers.3. Decide on the desired style and shape.

4. Always trim the stems at an angle preferably a 45-degree to allow stems to absorb more water. In that way, there’s a bigger chance flowers will last longer.

5. Begin with greenery or foliage. Make sure no leaves will fall below the waterline to prevent early decomposition.

6. Add starting with the focal flowers – bigger blooms to smaller ones.

7. Fill your vase with water and place the flower food according to the packaging instruction.

8. Note to change the water every three days to maintain the best look of your flowers.

We are excited to see you make a wonderful creation.

Do you find the above tips helpful? Are you interested in learning more about flowers? We’re here ready to help!

Darcey SpecialS

Stunning flower designs curated by our expert florists, every creation is made special.

Many Reasons to Love Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are so trendy nowadays that you can notice almost everywhere. Find it displayed in your favorite café, retail store display windows, hotel lobbies and a trend in social media feed. It is also a favorite element to use in wedding flower designs and styling when you want to go boho chic and even vintage vibe theme.

Before we dig dipper into the more beneficial reasons why many loves dried flowers, let’s try to know first essentially what are dried flowers.

Dried flowers are a form of flower preservation in which a flower’s shape and beauty is preserved for the reason of making it stay longer for decorative purposes.

What makes dried flowers well-loved and in the popular scene right now? Here are some of the popular reasons why everyone’s into it.

1. Easy to Maintain – Dried Flowers are a low maintenance type of flowers. Unlike its fresh counterpart, dried flowers don’t need any watering or flower food saving you from some hassle especially if you are the type of person who is always on the go with busy schedule.

2. Long Lasting – Possibly the best reason why more and more people are opting for dried flowers. The reason it stays longer makes you less to worry to replace it the sooner time.

3. Sustainable – Dried flowers are good for environment because of their sustainable characteristic. Most dried flowers can last longer and be kept for years and there’s a great possibility of being utilized again.

4. Money Saver – Buying dried flowers rather than opting for fresh flowers can help you spend less money. Fresh flowers typically lasts 5 days to a week while dried flowers tend to stay longer preventing you from replacing what you have on displayed.

Here at Darcey Flowers, we love to work with something trendy at the same time sustainable. Our collection includes carefully selected flowers dried in a natural way. Dried flowers are perfect adornment to give a playful touch to any space. We’d love you to explore these stunning pieces great for home display and even for your next flower gift ideas.

Inspired by the hues of the Arabian desert. You will love this long-lasting beauty of dried cotton stick, preserved ruscus, dried palm spear and some pampas.
Go with this stylish dried arrangement if you fancy something rustic. A lovey combination of dried bougainvillea with touch of dried lavender.
A combination of preserved natural blooms will surely leave a lasting impression. You will love our take of shades of purple and nudes color combination.
These beautiful rustic dried blooms arrangement will surely give an accent to any space.
This long lasting composition is perfect for those who are into peaches and fuchsia pinks.
A colorful bunch of multi-colored pampas on a lovely vase looks playful and cute. Make this your new fave piece at home!
Our take of cotton sticks arrangement on a wind light vase. Simple yet a beauty that lasts.
The perfect treat for the dried blooms lover. A combination of cotton sticks, preserved Ruscus leaves, and dried Lagurus on a striking beige and gold ceramic pot.
A magical yet classy flower combination beautifully arranged on our wind light vase. It’s a perfect gift to have for birthdays, anniversary and any special occasion you can think of.
A stunning bouquet of cotton sticks with some Eucalyptus Cinerea, this magnificent arrangement is truly a unique and beautiful gift. Surprise you dried flower enthusiast friend by sending this for delivery.

Dried Flower

Dried flowers are perfect adornment to give a playful touch to any space.

The Meaning of Different Rose Colors

What’s the first bloom that comes in your mind when you hear the word flowers? Most of you will agree and have roses first as an answer. Perhaps, rose is the most popular and recognized flower in the world. The beauty of rose transcends time and the magical charisma it brings.

Rose Flower

View our several options like special roses, garden roses, and spray roses.

Roses are wonderfully fragrant, with simple yet exquisite elegance adding a timeless touch to any bouquet and complementing a beautiful arrangement. Known to be the top choice for flower gift ideas and incorporated in almost any occasion because of its effortless beauty and its availability in so many stunning colors.

It is said that roses make a perfect gift of love and affection however each color can suggest different things and meanings. It is best to decode each color to choose the suitable rose color to convey the correct message. You don’t want to send wrong signals, do you?

What Does Each Color of Rose Means?

Red Rose

Red is probably the most famous rose color of all time. Red roses signify romantic love, desire and passion. No wonder red roses are such a hit during Valentine’s Day. This color is the top pick when sending a bouquet to convey and confess their love and admiration. There’s no better way to say “I love you” with the classic red roses. They are perfect to send if you’re going for a date, celebrating an anniversary, Valentine’s Day and even on an ordinary day to surprise your romantic partner.
Don’t miss our well-loved red roses bouquet: Forever Romance, For My Love and 300 Red

White Rose

A classic representation of purity, innocence and peace, white roses are lovely and pristine. White roses are also popular choice for a bridal bouquet. It also signifies new beginnings hence making it perfect flower for weddings. Not only that, white roses can also mean reverence and humility. Here are the two white roses bouquet we love: White O’hara and Vendela

Yellow Rose

Yellow roses are a symbol of joy, caring and friendship. The bright and gorgeous hues of yellow rose make it a perfect gift to send a message of delight, good luck, welcome back or to bring some cheer to someone who needs a little pick-me-up. Yellow roses can surely brighten a friend’s gloomy day. Just a little reminder to skip yellow rose if you want to win someone’s heart as it suggests more of a platonic or friendly love. Get this cheery bouquet of yellow roses to make them smile today: Yellow Lovers and Yellow Babe

Pink Rose

Pink roses are often associated with grace, elegance and femininity. A pink rose can have additional symbolisms depending on its shade. Light or pale pink rose can mean admiration while darker shade of pink conveys gratitude and appreciation. Pink roses are irresistible and undeniably one of the favorites roses of many too. Send something pretty to your friends and love ones. Captivate hearts with our Esperance Blooms and 101 Esperance bouquets.

Orange Rose

Orange roses are known for enthusiasm, energy and fascination. With their vibrant and flaming hue, orange roses typically signify a blossoming romance.

Purple Rose

What does a purple rose color signify? Purple rose indicates royalty and opulence. Sending a bouquet of purple rose is just suitable for any special occasion to give a more regal touch. Purple roses are also used to express infatuation and enchantment. Check out our best purple rose bouquet Miss Lullaby and Coolwater Blooms.
Don’t get overwhelmed with too many colors of rose to select from. Now that you have an idea of what each rose color signifies, it would be easier for you to decide which bouquet to take to express your emotions. Enjoy choosing!

Month’s Special: Beauty of Hydrangeas

Known for its large flower head, hydrangeas have a charming way to catch an attention for flower enthusiasts. Hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowers that bloom beautifully during summer until fall. The extraordinary and voluminous blooms of hydrangeas attract many.

The large blooms characteristically come in a selection of colors, shapes and sizes. Perhaps hydrangeas have stunning colors any flower can get; it can be white, in shades o purple, pink hues, green, blue and even red.

Month's Special

The gorgeous blooms symbolize love, harmony and peace.
Discover the varieties and colors incorporated in our collections.

Here in Dubai, hydrangeas in different colors is a top pick especially as an adornment in homes, office or hotel lobbies. It can make any flower composition an appealing one because of its huge voluminous flower head.

This summer in the UAE, we have carefully selected the best hydrangea flower arrangements so you’ll have a wide array of options and revel the beauty of hydrangeas in different colors. Can’t wait to share our collection!

Hydrangea Blooms

This lovely large pink hydrangea presented in a beautiful light blue pot is perfect for your console tables or center tables. Love hydrangeas? You will get captivated instantly with this variety.

Order online flowers now and get a same-day flower delivery!

Cloudy Hydrangea

Do you prefer white hydrangeas? These fluffy white hydrangeas will remind you of the cotton clouds in the skies. It symbolizes grace and purity

Our online flower shop is ready for your next hydrangea flower order!

Hydrangea Madness

This large bunch of glowing fuchsia hydrangeas is a stunner. Bet this would be a sure-fire hit when sent as a surprise gift to your love!

Deep Purple Hydrangea

If you’re looking for something grand and special, go for this! A dark shade of purple hydrangea is making an unforgettable bouquet.

Royal Benefit

Made for the purple lover. A large size alluring bouquet perfect to send to a dear someone. This shade of purple hydrangea is so lovely you don’t want to miss!

Searching for pastel flowers? This dainty light purple bouquet is a perfect match!

Pink Kisses

Give this pretty pink bouquet showcasing the lush beauty of pink hydrangeas to impress your love.

Fluffy Verena Pink

An amazing bunch of pink verena hydrangeas perfect gift for birthdays, new born and anniversary. Pink hydrangea represents heartfelt emotion so it would make a perfect choice.

Orion Blue

A stunning flower bouquet showcasing the beauty of blue hydrangeas is a magnificent pick and truly a wonderful gift idea.

Hydrangeas can represent many different things. Few of its symbolisms are love, harmony and peace. Hence, the popularity of hydrangeas cannot be denied.

Make your next flower delivery with us and fill your homes with beauty of hydrangeas!