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Have you missed Peonies? Welcoming the first arrival in the UAE this season!

Almost everyone is eagerly anticipating the return of peonies every year. Peonies are perennials that bloom during the spring season. Hence their limited time in the market makes them extraordinary. Yes! Peony lovers are excited to get their hands on the gorgeous first blooms of peonies this season.



1. Peonies have dramatic colors. The most popular colors are shades of pink, vibrant red, bright yellow, delicate white, and majestic coral.

2. Most peonies are fragrant and aromatic flowers. Its smell ranges from sweet to rosy and some have a subtle scent.
3. Peonies have showy blooms. They are voluminous and give giant blossoms.
4. Peonies have attractive ruffled petals that sets them apart from other flowers.
5. Peonies have a longer vase lifespan. So you’ll get to enjoy its beauty even more.


No wonder peonies are undeniably one of the most valuable and loved flowers in the market. Are peonies your favorite too? Have you missed them as much as we do?
If yes, you will love our latest premium peony collection.

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