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About the Subscription

Flower Subscription Care Tips

Mode of Payment

“>We offer two payment methods.

Pay As You Go

  • With this option, you pay for each flower delivery individually.
  • It’s a flexible and straightforward approach, as you only pay for the flowers you actually send.
  • This is ideal for those who prefer a more on-demand and pay-per-use model.

Prepaid Monthly

  • Opting for this choice means you pay in advance for an entire month’s worth of flower deliveries.
  • The advantage here is that you lock in a set price for the entire month, providing stability and predictability in your floral expenses.
  • It’s a convenient option for those who prefer budgeting and want to streamline their payments over a fixed period.

“>In summary, the “Pay as You Go” option offers flexibility and individual billing, while the “Prepaid Monthly” option provides cost predictability and the convenience of paying for a bundle of deliveries in advance. Choose the one that aligns best with your preferences and needs.

Flower Delivery

Enjoy free delivery for orders above 275 AED within Dubai. For deliveries outside Dubai, nominal charges apply.

Cancellation Process

Darcey Flowers will still follow the Cancellation and Refund Policies. To cancel your subscription, navigate to Accounts > Subscriptions > Details > Cancel.

  1. Confirm Cancellation Date: Select if you would like to have the cancellation to be effective immediately or at the end of the current billing cycle.
  2. Follow-Up Information: Provide the date of the last delivery.
  3. Billing Adjustments:
    • If you opted for cancellation immediately,
      • Pay As You Go
        • No deliveries will be made and you will not be charged for subsequent deliveries after the cancellation date.
      • Prepaid Monthly
        • We will follow our existing Cancellation and Refund Policies
    • If you opted for cancellation at the the end of the current billing cycle
      • Pay As You Go
        • You will continue with the subsequent deliveries
      • Prepaid Monthly
        • We will follow our existing Cancellation and Refund Policies
  4. Feedback or Survey (Optional): This information helps us improve our services and understand customer preferences.

Pausing your Subscription

  • There might be months when you are away on vacation. You can pause your subscription by going to your user dashboard in Accounts > Subscriptions > Details > Pause.
  • Customers are permitted to pause their flower subscription to a maximum of 4 weeks (one month).
  • During the paused period, no deliveries will be made, and no charges will be incurred to the customer.
  • The subscription will automatically resume after the agreed-upon pause duration, with deliveries continuing as per the original schedule, unless further changes are requested.