Celebrate Love this Valentine’s Day With our Grand Bouquets

    Hello February! Most people are eagerly waiting for this month to arrive. Well, any reason? It’s the month of love. Valentine’s Day falls every 14th of February.

    Valentine’s Day is traditionally known as a romantic holiday, the time to celebrate your partner and enjoy the day full of romance. It is also the time when lovers express their love and affection through many forms.

    As time evolves so does how Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Nowadays, many people around the world particularly here in Dubai celebrate Valentine’s day by showing fondness for the people they love or adore.

    Are you ready to celebrate and surprise your special someone? Show your love by sending them a gift to remember. Is there anything surprising than a massive bouquet of flowers? No gift shows, “I love you” and “I care for you” like a bunch of stunning flowers. Fresh blooms for Valentine’s Day is always a good idea and will never go out of style.

    Here’s our take on how to elevate your Valentine’s Day celebration this year. Let them leap for joy with our grand bouquets:

1. 300 Red

    Send your love a grand way with this gigantic bunch of 300 long stem red roses. Red roses convey true love and passion. Get it delivered on their doorsteps for a grand surprise. 

2. Mega Bombastic Red

    This mega bouquet will truly bring a special treatment to your loved ones. 

3. 101 Esperance

    This 101 stems of blooming pink Esperance roses is dainty and romantic. 

4. Lilac Roses

    Is lilac a favorite color of your loved ones? Then this bouquet is just perfect. Let them fall in love all over again. 

5. My Valentine

    This is a bouquet specially created for your Valentine. Keep the love burning through this bouquet of red roses and pretty bombastic special spray roses.

This Valentine’s Day be more generous and spread a sprinkle of love, whether it’s a romantic kind of love or the love you have for your friends and family. Our Valentine’s Day Collection is created to spark love and romance. 

Festive Flowers and Plants for the Season

Winter in UAE is one of the most look forward seasons of many. It’s the time of the year when you can enjoy the outdoors and do countless activities. Many events are taking place during this season to take advantage of the pleasant weather. This period is also tantamount to holidays and celebrations. When you think of celebrations, you tend to identify it with a particular thing. For us, we love to link it with flowers.

Flowers can give color and life and even set the mood for any celebration. One of the most anticipated celebrations this winter season is Christmas. Since Christmas is just around the corner, we list down our favorite flowers perfect for gift delivery or as decorations for the holiday season.

1. Ilex Berry
Ilex Berry is popularly known as Winterberry. A favorite Christmas ornament of many. It brightens the space and provides a festive mood instantly.

2. Poinsettia
Poinsettias are synonymous to Christmas. They are classic Christmas plant adornments that instantly bring a holiday mood. The popular colors of poinsettias are red, white, and pink.

3. Amaryllis
The gorgeous big blooms of amaryllis make it a favorite flower for Christmas. The well-liked vibrant red amaryllis is commonly used as a decoration at homes and can be an ideal gift for Christmas.

4. Noble Fir
When you think of Christmas, a Christmas tree pops up in your mind or the other way around. Noble Fir is one of the most well-loved to be used as Christmas tree decor because of its blue-green needles and its large size.

How about you? Which flowers would you associate best this season? Whatever it is, celebrate the season with cheer and carry the holiday spirit with some of the fresh flowers and stunning blooms you can get.

Looking for the finest flowers to adorn your homes or to send as a gift this holiday? Visit www.darceyflowers.ae to find the best festive flowers in Dubai.


Have you missed Peonies? Welcoming the first arrival in the UAE this season!

Almost everyone is eagerly anticipating the return of peonies every year. Peonies are perennials that bloom during the spring season. Hence their limited time in the market makes them extraordinary. Yes! Peony lovers are excited to get their hands on the gorgeous first blooms of peonies this season.



1. Peonies have dramatic colors. The most popular colors are shades of pink, vibrant red, bright yellow, delicate white, and majestic coral.

2. Most peonies are fragrant and aromatic flowers. Its smell ranges from sweet to rosy and some have a subtle scent.
3. Peonies have showy blooms. They are voluminous and give giant blossoms.
4. Peonies have attractive ruffled petals that sets them apart from other flowers.
5. Peonies have a longer vase lifespan. So you’ll get to enjoy its beauty even more.


No wonder peonies are undeniably one of the most valuable and loved flowers in the market. Are peonies your favorite too? Have you missed them as much as we do?
If yes, you will love our latest premium peony collection.

Make Your Fresh Flowers Last Longer

Most people find joy in choosing fresh flowers for someone as a gift, selecting the best blooms for their homes
or just getting some for themselves to revel. A bunch of lovely flowers can bring cheer and happiness to someone’s day
or beautify any space. And of course, what a joy to be on the receiving end of some gorgeous fresh flowers.

Care Guide


1. Gently unwrap all packaging from the flowers.

2. Prepare the flowers on a vase filled with clean water.
3. Place the flowers away from ripening fruits and some heat factors which can cause flowers to have a shortened life span.
4. Remove any leaves and older petals floating on the water surface.
5. Re-cut the stems every 2 to 3 days and at the same time change the water.
6. Add flower food as per the guide on the sachet.
7. Store the flowers in a cool room away from direct sunlight.

It seems like doing the above care guide is just so easy, isn’t it? Those tips will come in handy when you receive another pretty flower delivery
from your friends or you may wanna start applying it on your next flower purchase!

Why does Orchid Plant is good for you these days?

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about many negative impacts on the physical and mental health of people. In fact, studies showed that there is an increase in cases of depression and even suicide. As such psychological related webinars are offered to cope with and relieve the anxiety felt by people. Among the tips brought in by these webinars are a few coping mechanisms to divert the attention from the surge of the coronavirus disease and its negative socio-economic impact unto positive things like leisure and hobbies. About leisure and hobbies, one that rose to fame in Dubai and even all over UAE is the inclination of people to nurturing indoor plants. Many are hooked into buying plants online specifically Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants.

Speaking of orchid flowers, do you know that studies around the globe have proven that growing orchids, taking care, or even seeing and having them around is good for mental health? 

Here are why:

  1. It helps fight and relieve stress. Stress is very common nowadays due to different reasons may it be work, personal related or the present pandemic. The presence of orchid plants helps relieve stress as it aids maintain peace of mind and relaxation.                                                                                                                                       
  2. It counters depression and loneliness. Nurturing orchid plants diverts one attention from overthinking. Giving care to orchid plants is a rewarding feeling when you see them flourish.                                                               
  3. It enhances mood and brings positive energy. Seeing orchid flowers such as the lovely blooms of Phalaenopsis provides a good feeling and happy thoughts.                                                                                        
  4. It has a healing effect. Orchid flowers are best known to its healing effect. Those who receive orchids are healed because of their beauty and fragrance. It is used by many to maintain positivity and a good outlook in life.


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