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mona iconMy favorite florist in Dubai. I always keep coming back to them and I think Iโ€™ll be with them for a very long time to come ๐Ÿ™๐ŸผMona LGoogle Review

chloe picLiving in Australia it was hard to find a place to send some flowers for one of my best friends birthdays! Darcey flowers went above and beyond and safe to say, my bestie loved the flowers she got! Thank you so much ๐Ÿ˜ŠChloe DitchfieldGoogle Review

noura iconุณุฑุนู‡ ููŠ ุงู„ุชูˆุตูŠู„ ุŒ ุณู‡ูˆู„ู‡ ููŠ ุงู„ุทู„ุจ ุŒ ุชุนุงู…ู„ ู…ู…ุชุงุฒnoura aldhaheriGoogle Review

Latifa darcey flowers reviewProfessional staff, easy to order thru online moreover they contact you straight away thru WhatsApp and get approval for the note and flower, flexible to change anything without making it hard for the customer. Highly recommended. ๐Ÿ‘Latifa Al MansooriGoogle Review

valentin darcey flowers reviewSuper service offered – fast delivery, AAA grade flowers with very nice & natural colors, responsive customer service. To be recommended.Valentin LavaillGoogle Review

Ahmed darcey flowers reviewู…ุญู„ ู…ู…ุชุงุฒ ูˆ ุชุนุงู…ู„ู‡ู… ุฑุงู‚ูŠ ูˆ ุงู„ุทู„ุจูŠุฉ ูˆุตู„ุช ุน ุงู„ูˆู‚ุชAhmed ALRawahiGoogle Review

raghida darcey flowers reviewOnce again Darcey Flowers make my day a beautiful one. Thank you so much to the ladies at Darcey Flowers for doing everything to fulfill my wishes at short notice. A big thank you to the Florist.Raghida IbrahimGoogle Review

Ellie darcey flowers reviewAbsolutely wonderful service and the most beautiful flowers. I ordered easily from the UK and they sent photos of my order before delivery! Thank you! Highly recommend Darcey Flowers in Dubai.Ellie ShoesmithGoogle Review

omar darcey flowers reviewVery pleased with the service provided. Beautiful flowers and delivered on time.OmarGoogle Review

Omar2 darcey flowers reviewThe best flowers shop in town. I am a regular customer, they have best collection ever. The service and follow-up on WhatsApp is amazing. Highly recommended.๐Ÿ‘๐ŸผOmar Al ShomaliGoogle Review

camille darcey flowers reviewGreat service and you can really get the same product as it shown on their website.Camille LlanosGoogle Review

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